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About Us

The Beginning

Malouma owned by three women with different but complementary expertise in the field of clothing, was founded in 2015 in Barcelos Portugal.

Since day one we have been dedicating ourselves to the design, manufacturing and sale of inner and apparel men’s wear, offering our Brand the Stezzo collection made in Portugal.

Malouma offers an amazing array of beautifully designed and impeccably manufactured underwear and apparel wear for men.  Being designers of the Stezzo brand allows rapid development of new designs bringing “fast fashion” to men’s wear.

Our Design staff is constantly focused on new ideas and proposals, each single product is the result of a precise and accurate study of the fabrics and the choice of original, high quality men’s innerwear. Our brand is designed for all men and all seasons.

The entire production is designed, manufactured and packed in Portugal, thus fully meeting the requirements of a true MADE IN Portugal collection with our Cotton Quality Seal.

Our Skills & Expertise

Men’s Wear

The Stezzo collection our own Brand, is emotionally charged with energy, design and meaning.

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